Australian IPv6 Summit 2006
(may be subject to change)


Time Pre-Summit: Mon 4 December
Full day Optional hands-on IPv6 workshop Chris Myers, VeRSI, and Miwa Fujii, APNIC
18.00 Welcome Reception and Registration CSIRO Discovery Centre - bus available at 5.30 from Chifley on Northbourne/Marque Hotel
Summit Day One: Tue 5 December
08.30 Registration and Exhibition Chifley on Northbourne/Marque Hotel
Session 1 International IPv6 Status Chair: Tony Hill, President Internet Society of Australia
09.00 Welcome and Opening
09.15 Keynote: The New Internet and IPv6: Technology's Next Big Step Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum, European IPv6 Task Force and ISOC
09.50 Keynote: IPv6 Deployment Status in Japan - Exploring New Business Areas Professor Hiroshi Esaki, The University of Tokyo, Japan
10:30 Morning Tea
Session 2 International Perspectives Chair: Michael Biber, IPv6 Forum Downunder
11.00 IPv6 Deployment Strategy and Perspective in Korea KwanBok Jo, Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Korea
11.30 IPv6 enabling future communication networks - Wibro and 4G Byung-Chang Kang, Samsung, Republic of Korea
12.00 Netcentricity, Service Oriented Architecture, IPv6, and All That Jazz... Chris Gunderson, Information Science, Naval Post Graduate School
12.30 Lunch
Session 3 User Experiences Chair: Tony Hill, President ISOC-AU and Chair of NICTIA
13.30 IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy Cecil Goldstein, APNIC
14.00 Thinking differently in Africa - the opportunity presented by IPv6 Andrew Alston, CTO, Tertiary Education Network, South Africa
14.30 Address Management in IPv6 Karl Auer, Nullarbor Consulting
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Session 4 Transition Planning Chair: Darrell Williamson, CEO, Smart Internet Technologies CRC
15.30 Australian e-Government Strategy Peter Dale, Australian Government Information Management Office
16.00 IPv6, Great for Users, a Challenge for the Enterprise Qing Li, Blue Coat Systems
16.30 IPv6 for e-Business Tony Hill, President, Internet Society of Australia
17.00 BoF: IPv6 and the Domain Name System - your wish list? Chair: Narelle Clark, Vice-President, Internet Society of Australia
18.00 Close
19.00 Summit Dinner and ISOC-AU 10-Year Anniversary
Summit Day Two: Wed 6 December
08.00 Internet Society of Australia AGM Breakfast meeting, Chifley on Northbourne
Session 1 The Business Case Chair: Angus Robinson, CEO, AEEMA
09.10 Keynote: IPv6 Security Tony Hain, CISCO
09.50 Keynote: An ISP Perspective on IPv6 Deployment Simon Hackett, CEO Internode and Agile
10:30 Morning Tea
Session 2 Deployment Drivers Chair: Narelle Clark, Vice-President, Internet Society of Australia
11.00 Multiservice Networks: Driving IPv6 Deployment Now, Not Later Jeff Doyle, Juniper Networks
11.30 MobileIPv6, Ad Hoc Networks and Sensor Nets: the Future of Autonomous Networking Charles E. Perkins, Nokia Fellow
12.00 Panel Session
12.30 Lunch
Session 3 Defence Business Case Chair: Brett Biddington, ADEISA
13.30 The High Performance Computing Modernization Program and IPv6 Rodger Johnson, Program Manager, DOD HPCMP Office, US Defense Research Engineering Network
14.00 Challenges of IPv6 Deployment in a Production Environment Ron Broersma, Chief Engineer, US Defense Research Engineering Network
14.30 Defence Information Environment - Transition to IPv6 Air Commodore David Richards, Director General Information Policy and Plans, CIOG, Australian Department of Defence
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Session 4 National Implementation Chair: Kate Lance, Executive Director, Internet Society of Australia
15.30 Why Web2.0 will drive IPv6 Deployment Roger Kermode, Smart Internet CRC
16.00 IPv6 Operational Experiences at APNIC Terry Manderson, Senior Network and Systems Architect, APNIC
16.30 IPv6: the Australian View Michael Biber, IPv6 Forum Downunder
17.00 Closing Remarks