Australian Summit 2007: IPv6 at Work
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The IPv6 Summit 2007 is hosted and organised by:

isoc-au-link Internet Society of Australia is a non-profit, user-focussed organisation that promotes development of the Internet in Australia to benefit the whole community, including business, academic, professional and individual Internet users. ISOC-AU is a Chapter of the global Internet Society - the parent body of the IETF, which designs the standards underlying all Internet connectivity.
aeema-link Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (AEEMA) is the leading industry body representing Australia's information and communication technology electronics and electrical manufacturing industries. One of the forums organised by AEEMA is the Australian Defence Information and Electronic Systems Association, ADEISA.
auDA-link au Domain Administration is the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space. auDA is the regulatory body for the flourishing Australian domain name registration industry, and supervises all of the relevant DNS software and hardware infrastructure.