(May be subject to change)


Mon 17 November


Full day Optional hands-on IPv6 workshop
18.00 Welcome Reception and Registration


Tue 18 November

Summit Day 1

08.30 Registration and Exhibition The Marque Hotel, Canberra
Session 1 Finding Common Ground Chair: Tony Hill, ISOC-AU
09.00 Welcome Tony Hill, Internet Society of Australia
09.20 IPv6 Readiness: Facing the Challenge Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum
09.55 IPv6 Enables the Future of Global Communication David Rubal, Cisco
10:30 Morning Tea
Session 2 IPv6 in the Real World Chair: Peter Elford, Cisco
11.00 Been There – Done That: The IPv6 Reality Show Fred Wettling, Bechtel (videoconference)
11.30 Retail ISP Deployment of IPv6 in Australia Simon Hackett, Internode
12.00 Priming the IPv6 Pump Paul Brooks, Vocus Communications
12.30 Lunch
Session 3 Transition Pathways Chair: Kate Lance, IPv6Now
13.30 IPv6 Deployment Options Geoff Huston, APNIC
14.00 Transition Mechanisms – How IPv6 and v4 can Co-exist Peacefully Atif Khan, Juniper Networks
14.30 Considerations in Large Scale IPv6 Construction Narelle Clark, ISOC-AU
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Session 4 Innovation and IPv6 Chair: Narelle Clark, ISOC-AU
15.30 The Australian Government Perspective Senator Kate Lundy, Senator for the A.C.T.
16.00 New Products for a New Protocol - IPv6 Product Innovation Kevin Karp, IPv6Now
16.30 IPv6 in Global Networks Kempei Fukuda, NTT
17.00 Close
19.00 Summit Dinner


Wed 19 November

Summit Day 2

08.30 Exhibition and Networking The Marque Hotel, Canberra
Session 5 International Activities Chair: Tony Hill, ISOC-AU
09.10 IPv6: Past, Present and Future Vint Cerf, Google (via DVD)
09.45 Names, Numbers and IPv6 Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN
10:30 Morning Tea
Session 6 IPv6 – Just Doing It Chair: Karl Auer, Nullarbor
11.00 AARNet's experience with IPv6 Glen Turner, AARNet
11.30 European IPv6 Activities and the Ambitions of Project EFIPSAN András Tóth, Ericsson
12.00 Discussion Panel
12.30 Lunch
Session 7 Research and Migration Chair: Cheryl Langdon-Orr, ISOC-AU
13.30 IPv6 at Monash University John Mann, Monash
14.00 IPv6 – Applications in a Research Agency Ross Dungavell, CSIRO
14.30 ANU IPv6 Andrew Howard, ANU
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Session 8 Australia in the IPv6 World Chair: Jon Onley, AIGroup
15.30 TIPSTEEL – Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6 Margot Schelling and Aaron Smith, TIPSTEEL
16.00 Transition to IPv6 for Australian Government Agencies Peter Dale, Aust Govt. Information Management Office
16.30 IPv6 Implementation in Australia: Hiding to Nothing? Michael Biber, IPv6Forum Downunder
17.00 Announcements and Closing Summary Tony Hill, ISOC-AU