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Tue 8 December

Summit Day 1

Session 1
Calm Before the Storm
Chair: Tony Hill, ISOC-AU
09.00 Welcome Tony Hill, Internet Society of Australia The Internet and Its Evolution Leslie Daigle, Internet Society IPv6 and the U.S. Government Peter Tseronis (video link)
10:30 Morning Tea
Session 2
Are We There Yet?
Chair: Chris Disspain, auDA Is a 'Future Internet' without IPv6 a Vision or a Fallacy? Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum IPv6 in the RIPE NCC Service Region Chris Buckridge, RIPE NCC Transforming the Internet: from IPv4 to IPv6 Paul Wilson, APNIC
12.30 Lunch
Session 3
The Provider Bottom Line
Chair: Dr Kate Lance, IPv6Now
(Video not available) 6::gle Nicolas Guilbaud, Google IPv6: StudentNet on Steroids Kevin Karp, PPS Internet Importance of, & Challenges in, End-to-end IPv6 Without Tunneling Simon Hackett, Internode
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Session 4
Simpler Networks, Cheaper Networks
Chair: Michael Biber, IPv6Forum Downunder Can IPv6 be Easier Than IPv4? Karl Auer, IPv6Now
(Video not available) Rapid IPv6 Deployment for ISP Networks Skeeve Stevens, eintellego Quietly Deploying IPv6 at the CSIRO John Gibbins, CSIRO
17.00 Close
19.00 Summit Dinner

Video of Presentation

Wed 9 December

Summit Day 2 Use of IPv6 Smart Objects for Energy & Environmental Monitoring Patrick Grossetete, Arch Rock (video link) IPv6 in Environmental Technologies & Intelligent Transport Systems Michael Biber, IPv6Now
10:20 Morning Tea
Session 6
In the Protocol Jungle
Chair: Dr Bill Petreski, Ai Group
(Video not available) Transition Tactics in the IP Ecosystem Greg Davies, Telstra Collision of the Internet Architecture and the Smart Grid Fred Baker, Cisco Systems Discussion Panel Summit speakers
12.30 Lunch
Session 7
Asia-Pacific and IPv6 Sucesses
Chair: Peter Elford, Cisco Kiwis in Catch-Up Mode Richard Wood, InternetNZ
(Video not available) China and IPv6 User Experiences Orcun Tezel, 3Com Asia Pacific Exploring the IPv6 Landscape Dr Paul Brooks, Vocus
15:00 Afternoon Tea
Session 8
Timelines and Deadlines
Chair: Dr Paul Brooks, Vocus Australian Government Transition to IPv6 Darren Beauchamp & John Hillier, AGIMO
(Video not available) IPv6, a Real World View Greg Phillips, Verizon IPv6? So Where The Bloody Hell Are You? Steve Maddocks, AARNet
17.00 On the Threshold: Closing Summary Tony Hill, ISOC-AU & IPv6Forum Downunder