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Mon 17 October 2011

09.00-12.00 Optional Workshops: IPv6 in Business Development or Building an IPv6 Network from the Ground Up
13.30-16.30 Optional Workshops: Building an IPv6 Network from the Ground Up or IPv6 in Business Development
17.30 Welcome Reception and Registration, The Sebel & Citigate Albert Park, Melbourne


Tue 18 October 2011 - Summit Day 1

08.30 Registration and Exhibition, The Sebel & Citigate Albert Park, Melbourne

Session 1

Getting IPv6 Right - Chair: Tony Hill
09.00 IPv6: The Time Is Now - Let's Get It Right! - Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum
09.30 Just How High Should IPv6 be on Our Internet Agenda? - Paul Ducklin, Sophos
10.00 IPv6: the Journey So Far - David Robertson, Telstra

10.30 Morning Tea

Session 2
Just Doing IPv6 - Chair: Kate Lance
11.00 Tunnels in Transition: Strategy and Resources - Tony Hill, IPv6Now
11.30 IPv6 Meets the Torture Test - Kevin Karp, Studentnet
12.00 Measuring IPv6 - Geoff Huston, APNIC

12.30 Lunch

Session 3
Rollout - Chair: Ken Sayers Security & Performance - Chair: Michael Biber
13.30 Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight Days Afterwards - Jamie Baddeley, FX Networks IPv6-Related Connectivity Problems - Jen Linkova, Google
14.00 Customer IPv6 Delivery: the Nextgen Experience - Chris Chaundy, Nextgen Networks IPv6 Security: How is the Client Secured? - Jeff Carrell, Network Conversions
14.30 IPv6 and the Academic and Research Networking Community - Bruce Morgan, AARNet IPv6 Security: Not As Simple As You May Think - Skeeve Stevens, eintellego

15:00 Afternoon Tea

Session 4
Transition - Chair: Dr Bill Petreski Transition - Chair: Rohan Saldanha
15.30 IP in Transition: a Fix or a Band-Aid? - Alan Way, Spirent Transitioning to IPv6: an F5 Networks Prospective - Mohamed Tanana, F5 Networks
16.00 Catalyst for IPv6 Adaptation - Tim Price, DTS Limited Our Journey to IPv6, and Why We're Not in a Rush - Roger Yerramsetti, iiNet
16.30 IPv6 Opportunities - Silvia Hagen, Sunny Connection AG (via Skype)
17:00 Close
19.00 Summit Dinner


Wed 19 October 2011 - Summit Day 2

08.30 Exhibition, The Sebel & Citigate Albert Park, Melbourne

Session 5
From Here to There - Chair: Dr Bill Petreski
09.10 How We Get There From Here: ISOC and the Future of the Internet - Richard Jimmerson, Internet Society
09.45 What History Tells us About Protocol Transitions - Tony Hain, Hain Global Consulting

10.20 Morning Tea

Session 6
Making It Work - Chair: Tony Hill
10.50 NBN Co IPv6 Roadmap - Tom Sykes, NBN Co
11.20 World IPv6 Day: How to Hold Hands and Jump In - Narelle Clark, ISOC Board of Trustees
11.50 IPv6 For End-Users - Gunela Astbrink, ISOC-AU
12.00 Discussion Panel

12.30 Lunch

Session 7
Deployment - Chair: Michael Biber National - Chair: Cheryl Langdon-Orr
13.30 IPv6 Deployment and Operational Considerations - Tejas Suthar, Cisco Systems Australian Government Transition to IPv6: Strategy and Progress - Brian Catto and John Hillier, AGIMO
14.00 Dual Stack Deployment Models - Alvaro Retana, HP IPv6 in New Zealand: State of the Nation - Dr Murray Milner & Campbell Gardiner, NZ IPv6 Task Force
14.30 IPv6 Deployment Strategy for Mobile Service Providers - Rohan Saldanha, Cisco Systems

15:00 Afternoon Tea

Session 8
Deployment - Chair: Ken Sayers
15.30 Leveraging Application Delivery Controllers in a Post-IPocalypse Data Centre - Kurt Bales, eintellego

16:00 Announcements and Closing Summary - Tony Hill, ISOC-AU