Both workshops will run in parallel in the morning of 17 October and will be repeated again in the afternoon, for those interested in attending both workshops. Please nominate which session (morning or afternoon) you want to attend for each workshop.
To view workshop fees and registration information, please see the Registration page.

Workshop 1: IPv6 in Business Development

Proposal objective: To provide delegates and others interested in IPv6 the opportunity for an introductory exposure to the IPv6 protocol platform and practical business issues. We will cover the following topics:
  • Business IPv6
  • IPv6: why, when, how?
  • Competitive advantage
  • Uptake gotchas
  • Transition issues
  • Security issues
  • Mobile IPv6
  • Using IPv6 for innovation
  • Techniques for transition to IPv6
  • Sustaining the transition period
  • Market growth from IPv6
  • Innovation from attributes of IPv6
  • Product lifecycle replacement
  • Audit and assessment
  • Transition technologies
  • Customer support for IPv6 systems
  • IPv6 training
  • Cost implications
The IPv6 in Business Development workshop is based around a presentation supported by a local IPv6 network running with real time demonstrations. Attendees can bring their own PCs if they want to connect and try things out, but this is not a specific requirement.

All participants for the workshops will receive copies of the slides in a bound folder. In addition, all participants will receive a complimentary copy of Easy IPv6: The Lookup Book.

Target audience: senior management and decision-makers, non-IT/networking company personnel and customer support staff.

Workshop 2: Building an IPv6 Network from the Ground Up

As a participant in the IPv6 Hands-on Lab, you will configure an IPv6 based network system utilising IPv6, DHCPv6, IPv6 routing, OSPFv3, and dual-stack IPv4/IPv6. The lab network is configured with multiple brands of network infrastructure devices for an interoperability view (HP and Cisco). The IPv6 hands-on lab network will be connected to the Internet, enabling viewing other IPv6 networks.

Each participant will configure an L2/L3 switch for IPv6, verify IPv6 connectivity, then connect the switch to a "Classroom Core" switch and verify system level IPv6 communications. All labs will be executed in a coordinated operation, ie., everyone will work in tandem on the same lab, verify the systems operations, then proceed to the next lab together.

In order to participate in these labs, participants will be required to provide their own laptop with:
  • Any operating system that supports IPv6
  • Wired Ethernet interface
  • VPN capability to access the remote lab system
A working knowledge of IPv6 is helpful but not required, as lab configurations will be fully detailed. There will be basically no lecture in the IPv6 HoLs, these sessions are designed to provide participants with hands-on experiences in configuring an IPv6 only network system.

Note: For the IPv6 Hands On Lab (Workshop 2: Building an IPv6 Network from the Ground Up), please nominate the Operating System version of the PC/MAC you will be bringing along. Please let us know if you would prefer to hire a Windows 7 PC for the duration of the workshop for an additional $55 (GST Inc) for each workshop attended.

Target audience: IT managers, system & network administrators, computer security staff and network implementers.