Speakers and Session Chairs

image Karl Auer

Karl Auer, BA(ANU) GDAC(CQU) has worked in IT for over twenty-five years. He founded one of the first and largest Internet Service Providers in the Australian Capital Territory. He was the founding Vice-President of the Internet Society of Australia.

He has extensive experience in analysis, design, programming, network support, network administration and network management, including five years at the Australian National University and eight years with the Data Communications group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Karl is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, an IPv6 Forum Gold certified trainer, Technical Manager at IPv6 Now Pty Ltd and a director of Nullarbor Consulting Pty Ltd.

image Fred Baker

Cisco Fellow Fred Baker has been involved in data communications since 1978, and the development of the Internet since the 1980s. He has served as the Chair of the IETF, chaired several working groups, and written or edited numerous RFCs. He now chairs the IETF's IPv6 Operations Working Group, working with the operational community on IPv6 deployment issues.


image Michael Biber

Michael Biber is founder and current President of the IPv6 Forum Australia and Acting Chair of the Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force. He was also Chair of the AARnet IPv6 WG. During 1998-2005, Michael was the Executive Director of the Advanced Networking Forum Australia (ANFA). This group managed the MPLS Forum, ATM Forum and Frame Relay Forum representation in Australia. Michael was the first Public Officer of the Australian Communications Industry Forum (now Comms Alliance), the telecommunication industry self-regulatory body.

Michael Biber is the Professional Services Manager at IPv6 Now Pty Ltd, a leading technology training and IPv6 service provider. He presents at numerous national and international technology conferences. Michael is the Chair of the Executive Committee and Organising Committee for the Australian IPv6 Summit.

image Dr Paul Brooks

Dr Paul Brooks leads Layer10 Advisory, an independent consultancy practice specialising in telecommunications network architecture, broadband access and service provider network operations. His expertise in telecommunications network design, planning and operation is derived from extensive hands-on experience in broadband access and large-scale data networking. He has a practical and pragmatic knowledge of communications protocols, leading equipment suppliers, carriers and service providers, and the Australian regulatory environment, which has been formed through consulting projects and executive positions in carriers large and small.

He has served as CTO/Engineering Director and/or Board member for a number of carriers and start-up service providers, including Global One, Flowcom/Macrocom, eCOM and Vocus, and has direct experience in Australian FTTN networking and broadband video delivery, through his time as CTO at TransACT Communications in Canberra. He is an active participant within the Australian ISP community and a co-founder of Vocus Communications, ATUG and Communications Alliance, where he is currently leading the NBN Project. He is a Foundation Member of ISOC-AU.

image Dick Bussiere

Dick Bussiere is a Solutions Architect, Arbor Networks. He is a seasoned technical architect with over 20 years of experience in engineering, business development, sales and marketing. Mr Bussiere has a strong background in Research and Development, including both software and hardware engineering. He holds several patents in the area of computer networking technology. Most recently, Mr Bussiere was engaged in the ground up creation of a start-up WiMax Internet Service Provider in a developing APAC country. This activity involved overseeing technical architecture, strategy and vendor selection for network infrastructure as well as business development and regulatory activities.

Mr Bussiere was a principle in an ICT security consulting firm and provided consulting services to numerous business, academic and government organizations. Activities included developing network security architectures with an emphasis on intrusion detection and prevention techniques, as well as the development of comprehensive organizational security policies. Additionally, Mr. Bussiere was an active contributor to the IEEE P1901 Power Line Communication security architecture and specification.

Mr Bussiere served as a member of the Office of the CTO for Enterasys Networks, where he served as Architect of Network Security. He developed a comprehensive strategy and architecture using security to create more value for customers and to create product differentiation. He identified key technologies that were instrumental to Enterasys having a complete product offering, and spearheaded the acquisition of companies possessing those technologies. Mr Bussiere made significant contributions to Enterasys' intellectual property portfolio, including a security technology to automatically identify, locate and mitigate active security threats within an intranet. He is the holder of five patents related to computer networking. He was also an active participant in both the IEEE 802 working group and within the IETF.

image Jeff Carrell

Jeff Carrell is a frequent industry speaker, freelance writer, IPv6 Forum Certified Trainer, network instructor and course developer to major networking manufacturers, and technical lead and co-author on Guide to TCP/IP 4th edition. Jeff's primary focus is on IPv6 systems interoperability, and provides consulting services, delivers lectures, and facilitates IPv6 hands-on labs at technical conferences worldwide.

His involvement in the computer industry for 33 years has culminated in the concentration of his endeavours in the internetworking portion of the industry for over 26 of those years. Jeff has enjoyed successful career advancements with several network equipment manufacturers, ie., Foundry Networks (acquired by Brocade Networks) and HP Networking, as a pre-sales consulting engineer and technical instructor. In an end-user position he has designed mission-critical/high-availability networks.

image John Curran

John Curran is the President and CEO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN), responsible for leading the organization in its mission of managing the distribution of Internet number resources in its geographic region. He was also a founder of ARIN and served as its Chairman from inception through early 2009.

John's experience in the Internet industry includes serving as CTO and COO for ServerVault, which provides highly secure, fully managed infrastructure solutions for sensitive federal government and commercial applications. Prior to this, he was CTO for XO Communications and was integral in leading the organization's technical initiatives, network architecture, and design of leading-edge capabilities built into the company's nationwide network. Mr. Curran also served as CTO for BBN/GTE Internetworking, where he was responsible for the organization's strategic technology direction. He led BBN's technical evolution from one of the earliest Internet Service Providers through its growth and eventual acquisition by GTE.

He has also been an active participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), having both co-chaired the IETF Operations and Network Management Area and served as a member of the IPng (IPv6) Directorate.

image Simon Hackett

In 1991, Simon Hackett founded Internode, a company that established itself as a trailblazer in Australia's innovative Internet access sector. As an early entrant in the broadband ADSL services market, Internode grew rapidly from the year 2000, creating a first-tier, high-capacity international broadband network while preserving the quality service that earned it high customer satisfaction rates.

Simon is a strong advocate of the need for an orderly transition to IPv6. From November 2009, Internode undertook a 20-month public trial of IPv6 and launched commercial support for IPv6 in August 2011. IPv6 is now enabled by default for all new Internode customers. In August 2012, Simon transitioned from his position as Managing Director of Internode to a new role as a non-executive director of iiNet.

image Silvia Hagen

Silvia Hagen is CEO of Sunny Connection AG in Switzerland, a leading IT consulting and education company founded in 1994. She works as a professional consultant and analyst for many mid-size and large sized companies in the area of finance, insurance and industry. Her main expertise is in Protocol Analysis and Network Performance Troubleshooting of complex networks, IPv6 and in Identity Management.

She is the author of successful books including IPv6 Essentials, published by O'Reilly (ISBN 978-0596100582), 2nd Edition, 2006. Her brand new book was published by O'Reilly in September 2011: Planning for IPv6, (ISBN 978-1449305390). She also presents internationally on various networking topics for universities, Novell's Brainshare, Cisco Conferences, Burton Catalyst, NetWare Users International Conferences, IPv6 Summits and other technical conferences.

image Tony Hain

Tony Hain is the principal of Hain Global Consulting. He was previously the Senior Technical Leader, IPv6 Technologies with Cisco Systems. In addition to providing guidance to the various internal product teams, he was also co-chair of the IETF working group developing IPv6 Transition tools. His IETF participation since 1987 includes a term on the Internet Architecture Board from 1997-2001. Named an IPv6 Forum Fellow in 2004, he is currently serving as Technology Director on the forum's North American IPv6 task force steering committee.

Prior to joining Cisco in 2001, he spent 5 years at Microsoft where his roles included Program Manager for IPv6, as well as Network Analyst for the CIO's office. Prior to Microsoft, he was the Associate Network Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy's Internet effort, ESnet. With this range of roles, spanning the space between the implementation technologists and senior management, he brings a real world viewpoint to the deployment decision process.

image John Hillier

John Hillier is Assistant Director, Architecture and Standards Branch, Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO), a Business Group of the Department of Finance and Deregulation. John joined the Australian Commonwealth Public Service in 1981 and worked in the Departments of Social Security and Community Services throughout the 80s. He joined the private sector in 1988 and spent the next 17 years in various ICT companies supplying goods and services back into the government. He re-joined the APS in 2004 in the then Department of Industry, Science and Tourism as a Business Analyst/Contracts Manager.

John moved to AGIMO in 2007 and began work on the developing the Whole-of-Government IPv6 Transition Strategy. He convened the IPv6 Community of Interest that finalised the Australian Government IPv6 transition in December 2007. He is now the convenor of the IPv6 Community of Expertise (CoE) that oversees the whole-of-government transition to IPv6. The CoE revised the transition strategy to incorporate the industry and international shifts in 2008. He is the initial point of contact within AGIMO for any IPV6 related issue.

image Dr Kerry Hinton

Kerry Hinton was born in Adelaide, Australia, in 1955. He received an Honours Bachelor of Engineering in 1978, an Honours Bachelor of Science in 1980 and Master of Science Degree in Mathematical Sciences in 1982, all from the University of Adelaide. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K., and the Diploma in Industrial Relations from the Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic, U.K., in 1984.

In 1984 Dr. Hinton joined Telstra Research Laboratories (TRL), Victoria, Australia, and worked on analytical and numerical modelling of optical systems and components. His work focused on optical communications devices and architectures, physical layer issues for Automatically Switched Optical Networks (ASONs) and monitoring in all-optical networks. Dr. Hinton was also a laser safety expert within Telstra.

In 2006, Dr. Hinton joined the University of Melbourne, Australia, where he is undertaking research into the energy efficiency of the Internet, communications technologies and networks as a member of the Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications (CEET). Dr. Hinton is an active member of GreenTouch which is an international consortium focused on improving the energy efficiency of the Internet.

image Kevin Karp

Kevin Karp, B.E.(Hons), B.Sc, GradDipSIA, is a director of IPv6Now and the founder and Managing Director of PPS Internet. He has over 25 years of experience in board level commercial management of ICT and investment industry enterprises. In 1995 PPS established Semper.Net, one of Australia's first Internet managed services networks.

In 2007 Kevin negotiated PPS's acquisition of StudentNet, Australia's oldest schools education network, and jointly founded IPv6Now. He is a founding member and Secretary of the Internet Society of Australia, a Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia (FINSIA).

image Dr Kate Lance (Chair)

Kate Lance is Communications Director of IPv6Now. She holds a PhD in astronomy and has worked in Internet technology for over twenty years. She was System Manager and Director of Internet Services at the pioneering ISP Connect.com.au. She was a founder of the Internet Society of Australia and its Executive Director from 2002 to 2006, which led to her involvement in IPv6. She has been a member of the IPv6 Summit Organising Committee since the first Summit in 2005.

Kate also designs and manages websites through Lancewood, and writes. Redbill: From Pearls to Peace won the Western Australian Premier's Book Award 2004 for Non-Fiction, and the biography Alan Villiers: Voyager of the Winds won the Mountbatten Maritime Award 2009.

image Thomas A. Limoncelli

Tom is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and system administrator. His best known books include Time Management for System Administrators (O'Reilly) and The Practice of System and Network Administration (Addison-Wesley).

In 2005 he received the SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award. He works at Google in NYC on the Ganeti project (http://code.google.com/p/ganeti). EverythingSysadmin.com is his blog.

image Jen Linkova

Jen Linkova has been in IT for more than 10 years. Originally from Russia, she worked as an engineer for Russian telecom ISPs, a Cisco gold partner, and Cisco itself.

Jen moved to Australia in 2008 and commenced work for Google. She has CCIE Security and CISSP certifications. Her primary area of interest is networking and security - and, of course, IPv6.

Brian Meilak

Brian Meilak has been involved with the IT industry for more than 25 years. Brian is an Engineer/Architect with Miju System Pty Ltd. For the majority of the last 12 years, has spent his time working with Federal Government Agencies in Canberra in various capacities. He ends up getting the hard or difficult jobs that no one wants to do.

Brian has CISA, CISSP and various vendor certifications in addition to a Master of Information Technology from the Queensland University of Technology. In his spare time he teaches Ceroc dancing.

image George Michaelson

George Michaelson is currently APNIC's senior R&D scientist. Recently, he has been working on long-baseline DNS statistics, services logging, audit and analysis, and design and implementation of the Internet Number Resource Certification framework.

George is a member of the BCS, and a founder member of the Australian chapter of the Internet Society. He participates regularly in IETF standardization meetings, and co-authors Request For Comment (RFC) documents, technical drafts, and conference and peer-review papers.

George graduated from York University in 1982 with a BSc in Computer Science. His career in the United Kingdom and Australia has pursued research and development in computer science, networking, and systems administration.

image Dr Bill Petreski (Chair)

Dr Bill Petreski is Principal Advisor, Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Industry, Australian Industry Group (Ai Group). Based in Melbourne, he is responsible for leading industry development with new strategies for the Ai Group. As Principal Advisor he consults with industry members to help them understand new and evolving technology and its impact on their business and workforce. He also consults with government departments, at both state and federal levels, on industry trends and strategies that will support the overall growth in Software & Services, Technology Hardware & Equipment and Telecommunications Services sectors which ultimately define the ICT Industry.

Dr. Petreski received a postgraduate degree - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physics (Fibre Communications) - in 1997 from Victoria University, in Melbourne, after completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.App.Sc.) in both Computer Science and Physics. His academic research had applications in fibre communications, advanced manufacturing, industrial sensing and biological & medical imaging.

image Dr Ciprian Popoviciu

Dr. Ciprian Popoviciu is president and CEO of Nephos6, an IPv6 and Cloud services company. He has over 13 years of experience working for Cisco in various technical and leadership roles covering the strategy, architecture, validation and implementation of large scale Cloud and IPv6 adoption Worldwide. He is an industry recognized IPv6 domain expert contributing to both protocol standardization and the definition of national level strategies for IPv6 adoption.

Ciprian has authored two IPv6 books: Deploying IPv6 Networks and Global IPv6 Strategies He co-authored five IPv6-related IETF RFCs and multiple IPv6-related patents. Ciprian is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences and is an active contributor to various technology and scientific publications.

image Yanick Pouffary

Yanick Pouffary is a Distinguished Technologist and Chief Technologist within Technology Services Networking, HP. Pouffary draws upon nearly three decades of experience in the development of networking products and technologies. As Chief Technologist, Pouffary is tasked with developing network strategic vision and technology roadmaps for HP's network services offerings. As the HP IPv6 worldwide global leader, Pouffary is responsible for HP's IPv6 strategy and how to adopt and deliver this technology. Pouffary represents HP network technology interests in multiple industry standards development organizations and consortia.

Pouffary is a founding member of the IPv6 Forum (www.ipv6forum.org), an IPv6 Forum Fellow, North American IPv6 Task Force Technology Director (www.nav6tf.org) and General Chairperson for the IPv6 Logo Programs (Ready & Enabled & Education). Pouffary is a strategic advisor to government agencies and assists in the deployment of IPv6 around the globe. She is one of the distinguished recipients of the IPv6 Forum Internet Pioneer Award for her technology contributions to support the adoption and deployment of IPv6. In May 2009, Pouffary was appointed member of the United Nations Strategy Council of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development. Pouffary holds a Master's in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY, USA and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Nice, France.

image Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts has worked in the Australian and Asian telecoms industry for over fifteen years, 'cutting his teeth' working on voice switching and early ATM networks when Ethernet was still confined to the LAN. Chris has held Product Management roles in such 'challenger' service providers as RequestDSL, PowerTel and AAPT. After a Product Strategy role in Telstra Wholesale, Chris now leads the Product Engineering team in NBN Co's CTO group, supporting and developing the technical features of the NBN Co product suite.

image Rohan Saldanha (Chair)

Rohan Saldanha is a Solutions Architect with the Service Provider Team in Cisco Australia. In his current role, he works with Service Providers/Pubic Sector customers in the ANZ region, providing Pre Sales support specialising in Core, Edge and Access Technologies. Rohan's 10+ years of knowledge and experience in the networking industry comes from a variety of roles in Technical Support, Deployment and Sales.

Rohan joined Cisco Systems as a TAC engineer in May 2000, specialising in helping customers resolve complex network problems in MPLS, Routing and Access Technologies. In November 2004 he joined the Asiapac High Touch Technical Support Team as a High Touch Engineer, working on providing operational consultancy to customers in the Asiapac region. Rohan has a Masters Degree in Telecommunications from the University of Technology, Sydney, and is CCIE certified in Routing/Switching and Service Provider Tracks.

image Graeme Samuel AC

Graeme Samuel AC is a Managing Director of Greenhill Caliburn Pty Ltd, a leading independent investment bank and subsidiary of Greenhill & Co., Inc. He is a member of the Council of The Australian National University. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Business and Economics at Monash University.

Graeme Samuel was Chairman of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission and an Associate Member of the Australian Communications & Media Authority until 31 July 2011. He took up the position of Chairman of the ACCC in July 2003. Prior to that, he was President of the National Competition Council, Chairman of the Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust, a Commissioner of the Australian Football League, a member of the Board of the Docklands Authority, and a Director of Thakral Holdings Limited. He relinquished all these offices to assume his position with the ACCC.

He is a past President of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a past Chairman of Playbox Theatre Company and Opera Australia, a former Trustee of the Melbourne Cricket Ground Trust and former Chairman of the Inner & Eastern Health Care Network. Until the early 1990s he pursued a professional career in law and investment banking, from which he retired to assume a number of roles in public service and company directorships. Graeme holds a Bachelor of Laws (Melbourne) and Master of Laws (Monash). In 1998 Graeme was appointed an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia. In 2010 Graeme was elevated to a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia.

image Ken Sayers (Chair)

Ken Sayers is Senior Consultant, Melba Consulting, and until recently was a a Senior Systems Engineer at Telstra. Ken has spent much of the last 35 years working in the telecommunications industry. After joining Ericsson Australia to work on compiler development he was sent to Sweden to help build the Operation Support System required to manage the AXE network deployed by the then Telecom Australia.

Ken was offered a position in Sweden, and stayed with Ericsson Sweden until the start of the new century, working on OSS, BSS and Internet technologies, including work on one of the first implementations of SS7 over IP. Since leaving Ericsson Ken has worked with a wide variety of organisations, serving the telecommunications industry both from the vendor and operator perspective, with a focus on IP services, especially SIP and IPTV.

image Gopinath Rao Sinniah

Gopinath Rao Sinniah is one of the people who have kick-started IPv6 projects in Malaysia. He has been involved in IPv6 development work since 1999 and is currently working Qat MIMOS Berhad as Senior Staff Researcher, focusing on IPv6, specifically on wireless sensors networks.

His current research focus is on the Internet of Things. He has a number of patents and publications. He is also the the chairman of Malaysian Technical Standard Forum Berhad IPv6 working group. The WG is tasked with creating and adapting existing standards, helping the Malaysian Government in promoting IPv6 initiatives, as well as helping industries and organisations adopt IPv6.

Hesham Soliman

Hesham Soliman is the founder and Director of Elevate Technologies. He has over 16 years experience in R&D in Australia, Europe and the USA. He has led a number of R&D and software development projects in Ericsson in Australia, Ericsson Research in Sweden, Flarion Technologies in USA and with his current employer Elevate Technologies. Hesham's work has spanned diverse areas of technology, including 3G, 4G, IPv6, Mobile IPv6, IPv6 transition, AAA and network security issues. He has worked with several multi-national companies to help them develop their R&D and IPv6 deployment capabilities.

Hesham has authored a number of Internet standards related to IPv6, mobile networks and Internet security. Some of his work has been adopted by 4G networks standards. He has also authored a book on IPv6 and Mobile IPv6, among several other publications and patents.

Ken Wilson

Ken Wilson is Senior Software Engineer, Opengear. He has been developing on embedded Linux systems for more than eight years, and has spent the last five years writing software for routers and VPN concentrators, then remote connectivity management devices. Ken's experience in IPv6 mostly stems from designing products to provide access to legacy IP and serial connected devices via fixed and cellular IPv6 networks.

image David Woodgate

David Woodgate has worked on the Internet in Australia for over 20 years. He worked in CSIRO during the early 1990s, engineering its national IP backbone and advising on the development of Internet strategy, before moving to AARNet. He then joined Telstra in 1995, and has been responsible at various times for the network engineering and planning of Telstra's national and international Internet backbone and associated products. He has also had roles in the architecture and planning of Telstra's core data and broadband networks. He now coordinates Telstra's strategy for its transition to using IPv6, among other duties.

David has also been an active participant in the global Internet community, including contributions to the development of APNIC IPv6 allocation policies and IETF standards on the Routing Policy Specification Language.

image Prof. Yao-ming Yeh

Professor Yeh is the Dean of the School of Informatics, Kainan University, Taiwan. He is also a Board member of ISOC-Taiwan. He joined the IPv6 Program in Taiwan in 2003, and now is in charge of the Regulations and Policies area in the IPv6 Program. His research interests include IPv6, Cloud Computing, and Web Tech using XML.